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Austria (Tirol) / Regional development / Regional Economy Development Program for Nature Park Region Lech - Außerfern

AT10_AT331_Regional Economy Development Program for Nature Park Region Lech - Außerfern_2015

Name of the country Austria (Tirol)
Sector Regional development
Name of the document (original) Regionalwirtschaftliches Entwicklungsprogramm für die Naturparkregion Lechtal-Reutte
Name of the document (English) Regional Economy Development Program for Nature Park Region Lech - Außerfern
Administrative level State
Type of the document Programme
Year of adoption 2015
Foreseen duration 2024
Comments Bearbeitung Salchner
Sector Reg development
Territorial unit (NUTS/LAU) AT331
Authority Regional Development Association Außerfern
Availability in English No
Legally binding Non binding
SGI coverage SGI
Integration as a concept Yes
Integration elements
Adm. levels
Fin. sources
Description Actors:Regional development assocoiation, local chambers, municipalities, Policies:Regional development, Financial sources: EU, state, regional, local, Other: project applicants
Major objectives Rising economy and labour market, lively communities and fight against emigration
Short Summary In a socio-economic analysis, the program considers population development, municipal finances and basic services as well as the labour market and the economy. When it comes to basic services, special attention must be paid to the nursing sector in the future. Changes in basic services within the period from 2011 to 2014 show that only the market town of Reutte experienced certain improvements. Thus, the supply situation differs significantly from that in the Tyrolean central area. The labour market and the economy in the program region show similar scenarios. Therefore, the following fields of action have been defined: Action field A - destination development; B - business location and innovation; C - energy, environment and transport; D - lively communities and the fight against emigration; E - individual measures compliant to the program;
Centralised/decentralised Decentralized
Governance model
Public services
Public-private partnership
Comments Projects
Type of finance
No sources available.
Sources of finance
Stakeholders' list
State/provincial/departmental Office of regional Government of the Tyrol, Regional development and Sustainable Strategy
Regional Regional Development Association Außerfern
Inter-communal 2 Spatial planning Associations within district Reutte
Local 25 Municipalities within district Reutte
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