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Italy (Bolzano) / General / Deliberation n.3/2012. Guidelines for the improvement of the quality of public service tools.

IT03_IT0_Deliberation n.3_2012. Guidelines for the improvement of the quality of public service tools._2012

Name of the country Italy (Bolzano)
Sector General
Name of the document (original) Delibera n. 3/2012. Linee guida per il miglioramento degli strumenti per la qualità dei servizi pubblici
Name of the document (English) Deliberation n.3/2012. Guidelines for the improvement of the quality of public service tools.
Administrative level National
Type of the document Legislation
Year of adoption 2012
Foreseen duration Unlimited
Sector General
Territorial unit (NUTS/LAU) IT0
Authority President of Council of Ministers
Availability in English No
Legally binding Legally binding
SGI coverage SSGI
Integration as a concept Yes
Integration elements
Adm. levels
Fin. sources
Description Resolution no. 88/2010 states that "to ensure the greatest possible correspondence between the choices made by the administration and the actual user needs, provision for active forms of involvement of stakeholders in the definition phase of the quality standards must be provided" Involving citizens / users and the most important stakeholders in the development of quality standards for services Involving citizens / users and other important stakeholders in the design and improvement of services It is emphasized that, in the definition and assignment of roles and responsibilities, each administration must ensure the consistency of its forecasts with: • its organizational and functional structure; • any branch network; • the amount and variety of the types of services provided; • the specific characteristics of each service.
Major objectives Aim to improve the quality of services offered to citizens by government by defining quality of service standards.
Dimensions of quality standards are accessibility, timeliness, transparency, effectiveness. There are extra dimensions for the quality which are: continuity, elasticity, flexibility, equity, empathy
Short Summary Guidelines’ tools to improve quality of public services throughout dimension of quality, indicators and standard value. The process of management standards includes: role and responsibility of the authority, inclusion of stakeholders, investigation concerning the degree of customer satisfaction, methods of communication etc. For this propose, it was considered appropriate, explicit the time limits for the progressive framing by administrations of the service quality standards. Analyzing the content of the received documents, it has emerged the following issues on which to focus attention in terms of increasing: extending the number of the service for which to define and enforce quality standards, while also providing, where necessary the introduction of additional dimensions; explication and analysis of the link between quality standards and other elements of the performance management cycle( in particular the performance plan and three -year program for the transparency and integrity); expansion of the modalities of involvement of users/stakeholders in the various stage of the process of defining and managing service quality standards, with particular reference to the stage of identification of the indicators and their standard values; improvement of the definition of the modalities of indicators both as regards the number that the significance and the relevance; strengthening of the procedures for defining, monitoring and review of quality standards. The main aspects of newness of this resolution are: greater attention to the process of defining and managing the quality standards of the service, with particular reference the subject involved, the inclusion of guidance on the definition of the list of service accentuating the dynamic setting, identification of additional dimension of quality in relation to the specific nature of the services provided; more explicit references to the link between quality standards and performance management cycle; forecast further information regarding the modalities of engagement of the stakeholder and conducting surveys on user satisfaction; further details relating to complaints and automatic compensation mechanisms. Elements on service quality standards are: standard implementation program, the list of the service, the dimension of the quality, indicators, standard value, the standard management process and monitoring plan. Standard implantation program foreseen the complete definition and updating of quality standards for all service provided by the administration which are committed to: a) define a list of service to be published on its corporate website and put in the service charter; b) define the quality of the service standards in the list. Quality dimension – for proposes of identifying the standards, the recall the dimension of quality, first of all identified in accessibility, timeliness, transparency and effectiveness. In the main time we have definition of some of the possible quality extra dimension might be used for greater customization in the standard determination, which are: continuity, elasticity, flexibility, equity, efficiency and empathy.
Centralised/decentralised Decentralised
Governance model
Public services
Public-private partnership
Measures Service Card -the main instruments for the implementation of the reform in terms of quality of public service;
Performance Plan;
System for measuring and evaluating the performance;
Organism independent evaluation
Triennial plan for the transparency and integrity;
Investigations concerning the degree of consumer’s satisfaction;
Mechanisms of automatic compensation in case of non-compliance with the quality standards defined in advance.
Stakeholders' list
Federal/national Presidente of the Council of Ministers; Commision
Regional Region
Local Citizens and users
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