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Italy (Bolzano) / Transport / Provincial Law 14 December, 1974, n. 37 Expenses and fees for research and projects on transport

IT10_ITD10_Provincial Law 14 December, 1974, n. 37 Expenses and fees for research and projects on transport_1974

Name of the country Italy (Bolzano)
Sector Transport
Name of the document (original) Legge provinciale 14 dicembre 1974, n. 37 (Spese e contributi per studi e progetti dei trasporti)
Name of the document (English) Provincial Law 14 December, 1974, n. 37 Expenses and fees for research and projects on transport
Administrative level Provincial/Bolzano
Type of the document Legislation
Year of adoption 1974
Foreseen duration Unlimited
Comments Part of the measures for the transport of persons by road
Sector Transport
Territorial unit (NUTS/LAU) ITD10
Authority Provincial Council
Availability in English No
Legally binding Legally-binding
SGI coverage SGEI
Integration as a concept yes
Integration elements
Adm. levels
Fin. sources
Description The Autonomous Province of Bolzano grants contributions to concession companies between 30% and 50% depending on the investment Thus, the indirect costs caused and not paid through the various means of transport, can be compensated, the Autonomous Province of South Tyrol, in accordance with the EU standards, contributions for operators of combined transport and the accompanied combined grant traffic on rails
Major objectives Granting subsidies for elaboration of studies and projects for the development and improvement of transport infrastructures and facilities of national interest
Short Summary A specific commission for the approving the occupation of road haulage operator is set up within the provincial department for mobility. It has 7 members.
The Autonomous Province of BZ provides contributions for private operating agencies in the combined transport sector. The specific expenses, which can be financed by the province are listed (material, infrastructure, further training courses etc.) Furthermore, the legal act considers the governance of the civil airport in Bolzano by a private cooperation. In order to encourage intermodal transport favoring the optimization of loading and unloading operations carried out in intermodal centers, the Autonomous Province of Bolzano granted the management company contributions for handling tasks in the areas intended for that purpose and promotes initiatives aimed at 'increase in intermodal transport and to promote the passage of transport from road to rail and other forms of transportation with less environmental impact by providing finance to the activity of loading and unloading of freight management companies to carriers by road to rail carriers, and vice versa, provided it ensures equity participation in such management companies to private parties for a minimum of 30 per cent fit. Funding for the purposes referred to in Article 7 may be granted:
a) in favor of management companies, for the following expenses: 1) investments in materials and equipment for intermodal transport;
2) investment in transshipment equipment for different modes of transport;
3) investments in software programs and hardware necessary for the work;
4) expenditure on infrastructure and reclamation intended for the performance of intermodal;
5) studies for the management of the intermodal hub and other studies to verify and improve intermodal transport flows;
6) training courses for personnel of the intermodal hub, whose objective is the acquisition of technical and managerial skills;
To qualify for compensation of external costs not paid by the different modes of transport, the Autonomous Province of Bolzano - South Tyrol may grant aid in accordance with EU standards in support of combined transport management, including accompanied combined transport of rail. Its rail traction services necessary to combined transport should be assigned by tender. By a special resolution of the provincial government will be issued to the criteria and procedures for granting the aid referred to in this Article. The effects of this Article shall run from the day when it will be issued a positive opinion by the European Commission. The Bolzano civil airport is managed by a company, identified in accordance with applicable laws. The management company operates in compliance with national, Community and international regulations on the subject. With the Implementing Regulations shall govern the procedures, duration and other operating conditions. By the same regulation the relations between the management company, the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, the National Authority for Civil Aviation (ENAC) and other administrations involved in airport management, with reference to their competencies are also regulated. This law will be published in the Official Bulletin of the Region. It is obligatory for all to observe and enforce it as law of the Province.
Centralised/decentralised decentralised
Governance model
Public services
Public-private partnership
Others Capital company
Measures Contributions to increase the intermodal transport/ Expenses for management companies
Type of finance
State/cantonal/provincial Provincial
No sources available.
Sources of finance
Stakeholders' list
Federal/national National Authority for Civil Aviation
State/provincial/departmental Autonomous Province of Bolzano
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