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Italy (Bolzano) / Transport / Decree of the Preseident of the Province, 13 November, 2008, n. 63 Management of the airport in BZ

IT12_ITD10_Decree of the Preseident of the Province, 13 November, 2008, n. 63 Management of the airport in BZ_2008

Name of the country Italy (Bolzano)
Sector Transport
Name of the document (original) Decreto del Presidente della Provincia 13 novembre 2008 , n. 63 (Gestione dell'aereoporto civile di Bolzano)
Name of the document (English) Decree of the Preseident of the Province, 13 November, 2008, n. 63 Management of the airport in BZ
Administrative level Provincial/Bolzano
Type of the document Legislation
Year of adoption 2008
Foreseen duration Unlimited
Comments Part of the measures for the transport of persons by road
Sector Transport
Territorial unit (NUTS/LAU) ITD10
Authority Provincial Council
Availability in English No
Legally binding Legally-binding
SGI coverage Air Transport
Integration as a concept No
Major objectives Governance of the civil ariport of Bolzano
Services assigned to the operator
Quality of the service
Short Summary The duties of the civil airport operators are to guarantee a complete functional service with economical returns, maintenance and security, efficient marketing for clients, travel agencies and air transport companies.
The operator is responsible for functional management and economic exploitation of the airport. these:
a) is to ensure full functionality of the airport;
b) it is responsible for maintenance and for every task linked to construction works or civil engineering;
c) it is responsible for security, which ensures through the activation of all necessary measures and precautions suggested by the technical and practical measures to prevent accidents or intrusion by third parties;
d) perform the services referred to in Article 5;
e) is responsible for marketing activities to customers, the tour operators and air carriers.
In carrying out the tasks, the operator must follow the directives issued by the Province.
If these points as well as the economic, financial and technical requirements are met by the operator the province can grant the concession for a max. of 20 years.
The relationship between the dealers and the province consider the delivery of the service, the quality and security levels and quality standards. The standards are quality, transportation volume considering legal restrictions of environmental protection. The Province can carry out regular checks the duty of the operator and if there are deficiencies it can reorganize the concession. If the service is not provided adequately and the measures as well as duties stated in the legal act, then the concession can be revoked.
The Provincial mobility plan is a strategical measure that considers the demand of financing of the service and on the basis of this sets the goals and quality criteria for the transport service. This plan has to be renewed every 10 years.
Relations with state bodies, which are reserved all the exclusive competence of State activities, including in particular the order and public security and civil defense, and their coordination, are governed by specific art. 3.
Centralised/decentralised decentralised
Governance model
Public services
Public-private partnership
Others In-house
Measures Relation with the state bodies/The manager's responsibilities/The relationship between the manager and the Province/Maintenance, upgrading and expanding infrastructure Airport/Penalties-The province of Bolzano check out in compliance with the obligations undertaken by the manager and the achievement of standards/Quality system/The operator shall use an accounting system that shows the allocation of costs relating to all industrial processes related to its activities.
Type of finance
No sources available.
Sources of finance
Stakeholders' list
Federal/national National associations of civil airtransport (ENAC); Ministry of Transport
State/provincial/departmental Autonomous Province of BZ Concessionist
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