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Italy (Bolzano) / Education / Action plan for achieving targets of the education sector service 2009

IT34_IT0_Action plan for achieving targets of the education sector service_2009

Name of the country Italy (Bolzano)
Sector Education
Name of the document (original) Piano di azione per il raggiungimento degli obiettivi di servizio del settore istruzione 2009
Name of the document (English) Action plan for achieving targets of the education sector service 2009
Administrative level National
Type of the document Plan
Year of adoption 2009
Foreseen duration 2013
Sector Education
Territorial unit (NUTS/LAU) IT0
Authority Ministry of Education, University and Research
Availability in English No
Legally binding Legally binding
SGI coverage SGI
Integration as a concept Yes
Integration elements
Adm. levels
Fin. sources
Description In view of the fact that the effectiveness and impact of the interventions planned for the achievement of service objectives, also depends on the management capacity of the different actors involved institutional, economic and social, identified the various relevant levels (central, regional and local government, representatives of associations of enterprises and trade union confederations, representatives of the third sector stakeholders in the field of equal opportunities and the environment, etc. Collaboration between regions and state Region Action Plans will take account of the actions envisaged by this Ministry and finalize their action Additional financial resources and oridnary resources: ESF ERDF. The financial Law provides measures to support education (school construction, school system,
Major objectives Improvement and enhancement of the eduction system
Short Summary This document constitutes the Action Plan of the Ministry of Education and provides an overview of the ordinary and of those additional interventions in the framework of education for the achievement of service objectives. Also points out actions to improve the skills of students and to contrast the phenomenon of school drop-out, pointing, also, the various financial contributions to support such actions: the additional funds provided for the implementation of the ERDF and ESF and PON ordinary resources, allocated for programming assistance from the national education policy.
It aims to improve education service and ensure quality standard service of 8 regions in the south of Italy. The measurability of these targets has been secured with the identification of indicators, quantified through binding targets. Through a reference information about actual data on education levels of Italian population, for early school leavers and the level of skills of young people and the adult population, the plan highlights the action and intervention to combat the difficulties and gap in every region ensuring a better territorial cohesion and sustainable development.
The Action Plan includes the objectives of the service for the instruction of the National Strategic Frame of 2007-2013, the new National Operation Plans for Education which include direct and indirect actions, contributions by the regions, interventions for improvement of the teachers competences, interventions for the improvement of the student competences, interventions to reduce early school leaving, interventions for the dissemination of the information society, interventions for improving the skills of adults as well as the connection to politics. Furthermore, the additional and ordinary resources are outlined such as ESF and ERDF. The financial resources cover the school system, school of personal training, for the student, education and higher technical training, school structures.
The regions are responsible for the accessibility of the infrastructure of schools as well as the services for school feeding and school transport.
The financial resources are regulated according to the Financial Law of 2007, legal act n. 40 of 2 April 2007.
Centralised/decentralised Decentralised
Governance model
Public services
Public-private partnership
Measures National Operation Plan for Education
National Poseidon Plan
Type of finance
No sources available.
Sources of finance
Stakeholders' list
Federal/national Ministry of Education and its local structures National technical facilities (UVAL, ISFOL, DPS, INVALSI)
State/provincial/departmental school department manager
Regional Regional education departments
Local Presidents of the schools
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