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Slovenia / Social care / Resoultion on National Programe for Youth 2013-2022

SI39_SI0_Resoultion on National Programe for Youth 2013-2022_2013

Name of the country Slovenia
Sector Social care
Name of the document (original) Resolucija o Nacionalnem programu za mladino 2013–2022 (ReNPM13–22)
Name of the document (English) Resoultion on National Programe for Youth 2013-2022
Administrative level National
Type of the document Programme
Year of adoption 2013
Foreseen duration 2022
Comments Programme based on legislation/not legally binding
Sector Social care
Territorial unit (NUTS/LAU) SI0
Authority Ministry of Education, Science and Sport
Availability in English No
Legally binding Non-binding
SGI coverage The Programme itself does not deal with a particular SGI but rather proposes set of measures to ensure equal access of the youth to services (education, housing, employment etc. )
Integration as a concept No
Major objectives The programme addresses the poverty reduction and social inclusion of young people in several policy areas, including employment and the labour market, education, housing and health.. A key element of the national program for youth are objectives for each of the six areas (see summary). For each objective benchmark and expected impact are set. Basic principles of the National Program for Youth are:
- To provide better opportunities for young people in education and training, both formal and informal,
- To develop employment policy that will ensure economic and social security and the autonomy of young people;
- To ensure the participation of young people and influence on decision-making for policies affecting them;
- To ensure equal opportunities between men and women and the prevention of discrimination,
- To prevent risk factors that cause poverty and social exclusion of young people,
- To follow the principles of sustainable development,
- To follow the principle of intergenerational cooperation and ensure greater solidarity between generations.
- To pay special attention to the health and welfare of young people and health inequalities,
- To provide young people with a safe start of their careers.
Short Summary Based on the Act on the Public Interest in the Youth Sector (adopted in 2010) the National Programme for Youth acts as the key strategic document comprehensively specifying the development of public policies intended for youth. Youth, as defined in Act on Public Interest in Youth Sector, and used in the National programme for Youth are young people and young adults of both genders aged between 15 and 29.The Programme was adopted in 2013 for the period 2013-2022. The basic objective of the national program is to ensure a harmonized implementation of the uniform and transparentely set system of interdepartmental priorities and actions to improve the situation and offer solutions to the problems of key points regarding youth, as identified in background analysis and in the public debate. It defines the scope, objectives and priorities for the following six areas: education; employment and entrepreneurship; housing; health and well-being; young people and society; and culture, creativity, heritage and media. It also defines a method for monitoring of its implementations. A characteristic of the national program for youth is that it is a horizontal program - combining actions in areas under the jurisdiction of different ministries in order to create a new quality, to ensure their consistency and visibility. National youth program covers a period of 9 years and is accompanied by Implementation Plans (adopted by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia), which provide measures for stated goals and directives within areas.
Measures For all the measures that are the within responsibility of various ministries and government departments, financial plan and time frame is set. The implementation of National programme for youth involves twelve ministries as well as cooperation and involvment of other bodies, institutions and associations such as youth organisations, councils and NGOs, national Council for the youth, local communities and other actors who play an important role in the design and implementation of invdividual measure within areas
Type of finance
No sources available.
Sources of finance
Stakeholders' list
Federal/national Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Ministry of Culture; , nistry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs,Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance Ministry of Economic Development and Technology Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food; Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning; Ministry of Defense; Ministry of the Interior; Ministry of Public Administration; Ministry of Infrastructure; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Justice; Council of the Government of the Republic of Slov
Local local communities; Association of Local Communities of Slovenia; local youth organisations
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