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Slovenia / Education / Resolution on National programme of higher education

SI45_SI0_Resolution on National programme of higher education_2011

Name of the country Slovenia
Sector Education
Name of the document (original) Resolucija o Nacionalnem programu visokega šolstva 2011–2020 (ReNPVŠ11-20) - glej kocept!!!
Name of the document (English) Resolution on National programme of higher education
Administrative level National
Type of the document Programme
Year of adoption 2011
Foreseen duration 2020
Sector Education
Territorial unit (NUTS/LAU) SI0
Authority Ministry of Education, Science and Sport
Availability in English No
Legally binding Non-binding
SGI coverage SGI/SSGI
Integration as a concept Yes
Integration elements
Adm. levels
Fin. sources
Description The document mentiones within several measures the need for better co-operation between higher education institutions and need to link up with research institutes economic and public sectors, but this co-operation ois forseen predominantely in terms of operation (prpearation of programmes; tranfer of knowledge Actors: Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Slovenian Research Agency, higher education institutions.
Major objectives The basic goals of the Slovenian higher education area in 2020 are quality and excellence, diversity and accessibility with supporting instruments of internationalisation, diversification, study structures and funding of higher education. The quality will enable everybody to receive an internationally comparable and recognised higher education, achieving employability and mobility of graduates both within Europe and worldwide; the social dimension will allow equitable access to higher education and unhampered conditions for the completion of studies; diversity will bring along a variety of types and missions of higher education institutions and study programmes for reaching all of the basic goals of higher education. The program also recognises the need for improved accessibilty to tertiary education education, by statitng that the area of particular strategic importance, which would enable a better access to tertiary education, is the development of programs of distance education, greater use of ICT in teaching and learning and continuous training of all user groups within the community of higher education.
Short Summary The National Higher Education Programme 2011-2020 is based on Slovenia’s Strategy and the document: Europe 2020. Measures for further development of the higher
education area are examined in a long-term perspective, together with the new strategy for research and innovation and the Resolution on the National Programme for Culture.
The Programme includes the entire area of tertiary education, which in addition to higher education institutions, also includes higher vocational colleges. The programme also considers the connection to the economy, science and science and cultural policy. It defines the goals and concrete measures for their achievement for six content dimensions, four pillars (social dimension, quality and accountability, diversity and variety; and internationalisation) and two binding foundations : study structures and funding of higher education.
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