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Austria (Carinthia) / Transport / Carinthian Road Law

AT06_AT21_Carinthian Road Law_1991

Name of the country Austria (Carinthia)
Sector Transport
Name of the document (original) Kärntner Straßengesetz
Name of the document (English) Carinthian Road Law
Administrative level State
Type of the document Legislation
Year of adoption 1991
Foreseen duration Unlimited
Comments This is the legal basis in the field of mobiltiy.
Sector Transport
Territorial unit (NUTS/LAU) AT21
Authority State Carinthian
Availability in English No
Legally binding Legally binding
SGI coverage SGI
Integration as a concept No
Integration elements
Adm. levels
Fin. sources
Description the law for streets
Major objectives streets
Short Summary Carinthian Road Law
Carinthian Road Law is applicable for all public roads with the exception of federal highways.
Consisting of seven sections, it regulates the construction, the maintenance and the administration of all public roads with the exception of federal highways.

I. Section (General regulations)
II. Section (Construction and maintenance)
III. III. Section (Coercion rights)
IV. Section (Regulations for road protection)
V. Section (Usage of road for other purposes than traffic)
VI. Section (Road authorities, road operators and road administration)
VII. Section (Penal provisions, transitional provisions and final clauses)

Responsibilities of the Carinthian state government in this case are:
• Authorisation procedures for local highways
• Local highways - Property payment procedures
• Retransfer of ownership procedures
• Exemption permits for construction managements in the protected areas of state highways L and B as well as district access roads and railway access roads
• Assessment procedures (e.g. dispensability for common use)
• Removal orders for impermissible measures in the area of state highways
Effective as of April 1, 2002, the federal government assigned the main state roads B of State Road Act 1971 to Carinthia. The state of Carinthia called these "Main state roads B" and the other state roads "State roads L".

Network length state of Carinthia main state roads B 1.146 km
Network length state of Carinthia state roads L 1.643 km
Centralised/decentralised centralised, decentralised
Type of finance
No sources available.
Sources of finance
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