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France / Regional development / February 23th Act about rural areas development

FR07_FR0_February 23th Act about rural areas development_2005

Name of the country France
Sector Regional development
Name of the document (original) Loi n° 2005-157 du 23 février 2005 relative au développement des territoires ruraux
Name of the document (English) February 23th Act about rural areas development
Administrative level National
Type of the document Legislation
Year of adoption 2005
Foreseen duration Unlimited
Territorial unit (NUTS/LAU) FR0
Authority State
Availability in English No
Legally binding Legally binding
SGI coverage SGI
Integration as a concept No
Major objectives Development of economic activities
- Support to agricultural activities and rural jobs
- Rural areas management
- Land use planning
- Access to services :
To ensure access to services the state must define the objectives for territory spatial planning and public services, that every actors in charge of public services should follow. State can provide funding to ensure the objectives implementation and therefore, prefects are in charge of organising coordination with local policy makers and will ensure that services access is adaptated to local needs.
Further more, are setting up some measures aiming at maintaining health services in rural areas and vets settlements
Short Summary This act aims to ensure the national solidarity towards rural and mountain areas, and recognizes their specificity. It wants to enhance the economic development and ensure a better offer and equal access to services . The law also aims to preserve specific or sensitive areas within territory (wetland, mountain areas....)

The first article endorses the "rurality conference" in charge of following progress from rural development policies, assessing these policies and make recommandations.
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