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France / Regional development / PACA Regional Spatial Planning and Development plan 2030

FR11_FR82_PACA Regional Spatial Planning and Development plan 2030_2015

Name of the country France
Sector Regional development
Name of the document (original) PACA SRADDT Schéma régional d'aménagement et de développement durable du territoire à 2030
Name of the document (English) PACA Regional Spatial Planning and Development plan 2030
Administrative level Regional
Type of the document Strategy
Year of adoption 2015
Foreseen duration 2015-2030
Territorial unit (NUTS/LAU) FR82
Authority Region
Availability in English No
Legally binding Legally binding
SGI coverage SGI
Integration as a concept Yes
Integration elements
Adm. levels
Fin. sources
Description Aims to develop cooperation between actors to enhance territorial solidarity
Major objectives [1/4]
The strategical orientations are organized under 4 lines for the 2013-2030 period.
The first line relates to equality and territorial solidarity:

A. Reducing social and spatial inequalities in housing, resources, services and employment access.
Ensure social and affordable housing. Improve access to employment, training, services, environmental resources and culture by:
- Improving the understanding of vulnerable territories populations mobility needs.
- Enhancing the accessibility of remote areas by developing suitable transportation modes
- Strengthening training
- Developing digital networks

B. Strengthening the structure of the territory by :
- Developing existing centers to ensure equal access to public services, employment, training, cultural activities and mobility solutions.
- Improving mobility management
- Facilitate daily life by developing local activities
- Improving collective transportation solutions
- Enhancing rural/urban cooperation

The three other lines of the strategical orientations are related to:
- Ecological and energy transition
- Innovation for economic development
- Openness to the world and Méditerranée
Short Summary Following the 1983, 1995 (Spatial Planning and Development Act of February 4th1995) and 1999 (Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development Act of June 25th 1999) laws, the regions are in charge of the Regional Spatial Planning and Development Blueprint drawing up. This is the only reference document in terms of regional spatial planning and sustainable development. It provides a strategical guide for the Project contract State-Region and EU programs by its reflections on how to develop better common value of solidarity, openness and togetherness, in order to live together, generate wealth and protect territorial resources.
The second goal of this document is to develop these reflections in an operational way.

The first part is dedicated to the prospective diagnosis and the second part “the charter” provides the strategical orientations for a spatial planning and sustainable development policy for the region.

The third part of the document consists of developing the SRADDT implementation principles on a regional/ interregional level.
Centralised/decentralised decentralised
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