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France / Telecomunication / Alpes de Haute Provence Territorial outline plan for digital development (2012)

FR34_FR821_Alpes de Haute Provence Territorial outline plan for digital development_2012

Name of the country France
Sector Telecomunication
Name of the document (original) Schéma directeur territorial de l’aménagement numérique 2012 Alpes de Haute provence
Name of the document (English) Alpes de Haute Provence Territorial outline plan for digital development (2012)
Administrative level Departmental (NUTS3)
Type of the document Strategy
Year of adoption 2012
Foreseen duration Unlimited
Sector Telecomunication
Territorial unit (NUTS/LAU) FR821
Authority Department
Legally binding Non binding
SGI coverage SGEI
Integration as a concept Yes
Integration elements
Adm. levels
Fin. sources
Others Public/private
Description As the department density of population is 23 person per square kilometers, a public/private partnership is essential to provide broadband access to every inhabitants, beacuse the private operators won't invest in very sparsely areas.
Major objectives The whole strategy is dedicated to provide this digital service to every inhabitants
Short Summary The Alpes de Haute ProvenceTerritorial outline plan for digital development is an operational document with short, mid and long term objectives, established by the department within its territory. It aims to frame the FTTH planning and foresee the alternatives technologies role.
This territorial strategical document is based on the “July 31th 2009” first minister circular and the “June 14th 2010” national FTTH program. This program aims to provide FTTH to 100% of french people by 2025 (with the goal of 70% by 2020), with specific funding.
The outline plan also follows the August 16th 2011 circular about outline plans for digital development content.
It focuses on the role and involvement of local authorities about territorial digital planning and on technical and juridical arrangements for a government intervention.
The document fosters the consistency of future actions and defines shared objectives.

A diagnosis shows that 25% of lines don't provide more than 2 Mbit/s within the department, (compared with 10% within the national territory).
As the needs will increase for people, firms and public institutions, the infrastructures and services will become essential for maintaining and attracting firms and people.
As the department density of population is 23 person per square kilometers, private operators plan to invest in only a few areas. Thus, without an intervention from public authorities, private operators won't develop infrastructures, before at least 2025, in the major part of the department. This will create a territorial and social divide, in every field.
Therefore, the outline plan considers FTTH digital project as a key tool for strategical planning to ensure the long-term territorial vitality, and aims to develop the FTTH network through all department, to complement the private actions.
Two kind of actions will be implemented through the 2012-2020 period:
- Cross-cutting or supporting actions, which will be implemented through the department, to prepare for FTTH development.
- Specific actions to build-up a public initiative network and to develop the digital infrastructures and services.
Centralised/decentralised Decentralised
Governance model
Public services
Public-private partnership
Measures Providing FTTH to 100% of french people by 2025
Type of finance
No sources available.
Sources of finance
Stakeholders' list
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