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France / Social care / Savoie Departmental plan for Ederly people 2011-2016

FR46_FR717_Savoie Departmental plan for Ederly people 2011-2016_2011

Name of the country France
Sector Social care
Name of the document (original) Schéma départemental Personnes âgées 2011-2016 Savoie
Name of the document (English) Savoie Departmental plan for Ederly people 2011-2016
Administrative level Departmental (NUTS 3)
Type of the document Strategy
Year of adoption 2011
Foreseen duration 2016
Sector Social care
Territorial unit (NUTS/LAU) FR717
Authority Department
Availability in English No
Legally binding Non binding
SGI coverage SSGI
Integration as a concept Yes
Integration elements
Adm. levels
Fin. sources
Description The plan aims to set the framework for cooperation and coordination of actors
Major objectives [5/5]
5 orientations are defined in the 2011-2016 scheme:
1st orientation : Improving coordination between elderly care network actors
Improving information towards elderly and their families on existing services
Enhancing support programmes of socially vulnerable elderly people

2nd orientation : Improving care for elderly people at home as well as into institutions
Developing attractive employment policy towards professionals
Enhancing exchanges and communications between insitutions and home care services
Pursue the institutions and home services controls

3rd orientation : Improving care for people with a cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer's disease

4th orientation : Promoting social tie and preventing isolation for elderly people
- Improving information about cultural, sport, touristic and leisure activities and facilitating access to elderly people
- Developing adapted services and activities for elderly people

5th orientation : Developing innovative and alternative solutions to elderly people
Short Summary Since the Decentralization Act of July 22d 1983, The Department is empowered to manage social care, (reducing services provided by the State and municipalities). The Act of August13th 2004 strengthened its role giving the department competence to define and implement social care policy. Therefore, the Department has a main role in several social care fields :
- Childcare
- Maternal and child welfare
- Assistance to elderly people
- Assistance to disabled people
- Social and professional cohesion
- Housing assistance

Regarding elderly social care, the article L 113-2 of the French Social Action and Family Code stipulates/specifies that “theDepartment defines and implements social care for elderly people. Within the Departmental scheme of social action organisation, the Department coordinates actions, defines intervention geographic areas and undermines information tools”'.

Within this field, the Department is in charge of:
- the APA management (Personal Autonomy Allowance)
- the departmental social care management
- Institutions and social services management (shared with Regional Health Agency for health care institutions)
- Foster family/ Care family management
- Piloting CLIC (Local center for information and coordination)
- Public information services
- Loss of autonomy prevention
- Support of elderly people family members

These actions are defined within the departmental scheme for elderly people (as stipulated in the article 312-4 of the CASF)
Drawn up for 5 years, it matches with the regional and national plans and aims to :
assess the needs in terms of social care
assess the existing social care delivery
Undermine the development objectives of social care (in particular in terms of institutions and services)
Set the framework for cooperation and coordination of actors
Define assessment criteria for schemes actions implemented

Savoie General Council spends 9% of its operating budget on elderly people policy.
The previous plan (implementing the 13 august 2004 Act) ended in 2010. Thus this second plan, managed by the President of the General Council, follows the modifications of the law and in particular, implements the HPTS Act ( the Hospital,Patient, Health and Territory Act).
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